Audio Interviews

Get useful Insights from these audio interviews.

Claudia is available for interviews on a wide range of topics from business and marketing strategies, to giving your audience a look behind the marketing curtain to help them avoid unscrupulous marketing tricks and tactics.

Podcast interview: Andy Curry,
Claudia and Andy talk about the many resources that people have to zero in on target audience demographics, and the importance of incorporating strong storytelling in today’s marketing messages.

Read My Lips Radio with Bonnie Graham
In time for the holidays, consumer fraud advocate Claudia Newcorn will reveal 3 ways you can avoid Holiday Special Hot Buttons – and 5 advertising red flags that signal you’re being ripped off.

Total Education Network

Radio Interview with Neil Haley / Blog Talk Radio Interviews
Listen as Neil Haley, host of Total Tutor Blog Talk radio and Claudia discuss the importance of staying focused on using cost-effect marketing efforts to reach customers.

Middle Age

Radio Interview: “Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age” Show with Roy Richards on Web Talk Radio
Claudia and Roy Richards discuss recent data on Women’s Business Start-Up trends, and smart business and marketing strategies to help both Baby Boomers and Gen X launching new companies and improve their chances for success.

Radio Interview: The Secrets of Success with Bill Horan / WHPC 90.3
Bill Horan says, “I love your book. It should be required reading for any new business.” Listen as he and Claudia discuss why marketing is so much more than just advertising and promotion.