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Grow your business with this award-winning Amazon best seller!

Every day, most business leaders make marketing mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars, because they don’t understand how to make their marketing deliver results.

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People buy a product or service because they understand how it benefits them, and it sounds better than what the competition has to offer – and Zipline’s effective marketing strategies and tactics can show you how to make that happen.

Zipline to Success, Fast-Track Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Sales & Profits reveals:

  • How you can leverage marketing to connect with your customers so they “get” why they should buy from you.
  • Surprisingly simple ways you can achieve a genuine competitive advantage.
  • Key steps you need to take to spend your marketing dollars wisely.

Whether you’re the owner of a small business, a start-up, or the sales and marketing manager of a mid-sized firm, this practical award-winning Amazon best-selling guide delivers solutions that take the guesswork out of marketing, and will transform how you create and put into play a winning marketing plan designed to grow your business, help boost your bottom line, and show you how to gain a competitive edge.

Discover 27 Zipline Essentials that include:

  • How to turn competitors into your “best friends”
  • Why you must speak your customer’s language
  • Smart practical shortcuts to boost sales and profits
  • Key steps to zipping over the “digital divide”
  • The surprising ways you can use pricing as a marketing tool
  • Creative “stealth marketing” tactics to maximize your budget
On the Zipline

Praise for Zipline to Success

With over 30 years of executive experience, I know firsthand the challenges that companies face on the road to sales and success. I have not only overseen the growth of the publishing industry’s first billion-dollar brand in Chicken Soup for the Soul®, but also created a multi-million dollar training company around the success principles of author Jack Canfield.

In an engaging and straightforward style, Claudia’s book helps business owners and managers look beyond working in their business to working on their business. Zipline to Success presents real-life situations from her extensive consulting experience to illustrate essential and practical strategies, tactics and solutions that any company can use to transform their marketing efforts.

What makes this book even more valuable are the creative insights Claudia shares that a company can use to set themselves apart from the competition. In today’s highly competitive business arena, differentiating your business to stand out from the crowd is critical. This book will give you the tools to help make it happen. I highly recommend it.
Patty Aubery, President of The Canfield Training Group
Zipline to Success is the most direct path to increased sales than you have imagined possible. Filled with a wealth of practical steps you can immediately implement, Claudia’s insights are based on her extensive expertise and experience in every aspect of marketing any product or service. I can not recommend this book highly enough. If your success depends on selling, then Newcorn’s 27 Zipline Essentials is your new Sales Bible!
Dr. Rob Pennington, PhD, Award-Winning Author, Psychologist, Speaker & Coach
Read this book with pen in hand because it’s full of profitable nuggets to grow your business!
Bill Harrison, President, Bradley Communications Corp.
Zipline to Success showcases and shares Claudia’s extensive business expertise and gives readers actionable strategic and tactical methods that can genuinely benefit their companies. This book does an excellent job offering solutions to the many marketing challenges that small businesses often face.
Kurt Clark, Director, SBA – Small Business Development Center
Zipline to Success is for every business owner, manager and entrepreneur who wants to optimize and even transform how their company does its marketing. Filled with practical actionable strategies and tactics, this book shows you how to make marketing happen fast and cost-effectively, how to measure and evaluate outcomes, and how to quickly course correct to gain the competitive edge.
Steve Harrison, Partner & Chief Instructor, Bradley Communications Corp.
Thought-provoking , insightful, and an easy read, Zipline to Success delivers on its promise to give you a wealth of marketing strategies, tactics and tools to help business owners and managers grow their business. Real-world case histories, mini-exercises and examples add even more value, engaging the reader to apply the concepts. Unlike many marketing books, this is not written as a text book, but more as a “how-to” resource that a reader can turn to again and again whenever they need ideas or inspiration.
S. Renee Smith, Self-Esteem & Branding Expert & Coach, Speaker, Author
I love this book! It provides companies with vital information and real-life examples that will definitely help them do marketing the smart way, saving money and getting results.
Julia M. Rhodes, CEO, KleenSlate Concepts
Competing online can be a very technical and complicated endeavor. Zipline to Success is one of the few books that explains this topic in an easy-to-understand manner. I highly recommend it!
Eric Spellmann, President, Spellmann & Associates


There’s nothing small about running a small business! Does this describe you? You own or manage a small business (by the way, if you have under 500 employees, that’s how the Small Business Administration classifies you). You’re being pulled every which way because of all the hats you wear, while at the same time, you worry about the bottom line because sales just aren’t where you want them – or you think they ought to be.

Some days, you feel like you’re riding wild on a zipline with no idea what’s waiting at the bottom – or along the way – and have that ache-in-the-gut feeling of barely being in control. Sound familiar? Of course, you just don’t hop on a zipline and let go! You’re guaranteed a painful landing if you try that.

You’ve got to choose the right gear, understand how to use it, know where you’re headed, watch out for trees, maybe even a confused bird, possibly say a few prayers when you look down that long sloping wire, figure out how to adjust for wind gusts or start spinning around like a top, and how to land safely…

Money Magazine flat out says that “Ineffective marketing is one of the top eight reasons small businesses fail.” The operating word is “ineffective.” Marketing that that sucks out money and your time, but doesn’t work. Ever had that happen to you? But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are marketing secrets that deliver results…