Market Research

How well do you know your clients and your competitors?

Launch your market researchMarket research can save you money by avoiding costly assumptions about customers’ expectations and competitors’ positioning, and provide you with vital insights for strategic business and marketing planning.

Well-designed research can deliver a variety of benefits: knowing target audience characteristics; determining market segments; identifying what customers really think about your business; determining new products and services that have the greatest potential; and understanding your competitors’ positioning – and how to set yourself apart and gain a competitive edge.

We can develop and implement qualitative and quantitative methods to collect, analyze, and interpret research data, and provide insights and recommendations.

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Our services include:

  • Focus Groups
  • Moderating Services
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Customer Survey Design
  • New Product and Service Concept Testing
  • Internal Company Surveys

More about the power of research

A variety of research tools exist to help determine important data that can impact your strategic planning and marketing efforts.

Harness the power of market research

Focus Groups: A focus group, comprised of a 10-12 people representing your target audience, is a powerful qualitative research tool from which you can gather valuable in-depth insights on a wide range of topics.

We can develop and conduct focus groups to collect data, analyze results, and prepare comprehensive reports with insightful recommendations. We have done focus groups on such topics as: lifestyle assessments, product and service evaluations, new concept brainstorming, new products and packaging testing, and advertising evaluation.

Moderator Services: To get the most out of your focus group or meeting, you need a skilled moderator to manage the flow of questions, discussion, and information. If you are arranging your own meeting or focus group, our moderators are available as a distinct service.

Competitive Research: If you don’t know what your competitors are doing, how can you be better than they are? With our various competitive research techniques, we deliver data and insights that will impact your business strategy at multiple levels.

Market Research & Analysis: Understanding your market environment is essential. It includes determining such critical issues as location, target audience demographics and industry trends that could impact the success of your company, product or service. We conduct in-depth research using “feet on the street” and database analysis to help get to the root of your market issues.

Customer Surveys: When properly designed, customer surveys should deliver actionable data and information that help you to improve your products and services. If you’re relying on a simply ‘Yes/No’ format, then your surveys aren’t working hard for you. We can help you design surveys that capture data and provide insights that you can incorporate into your business and marketing strategies.

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