Learn actionable “marketing secrets” which save you money

Discover Creative Concepts • Focus Your Marketing • Grow Your Business

Figuring out how to maximize your marketing “bang for the buck” is frustrating.
There are so many options, but you have only so much money…

  • You struggle to tell customers why you’re better than the competition.
  • You’re doing marketing – but can’t figure out what is working (or not).
  • You don’t know what social media platforms to choose.
  • Your marketing feels scattered and disorganized.
  • You’re advertising – but not much is happening.

Learn valuable tips, tools and tactics that you can immediately use to grow your business.
When it comes to effective marketing, it’s not the amount of money you spend – it’s where and how you spend it. It’s time to revisit your “marketing mindset” and get creative.

Entertaining, insightful and informative, these presentations, whether in person or as a webinar, will transform how you approach marketing. You’ll discover how to gain a competitive edge, achieve measurable results, and grow your business. Just for starters…

  • Discover the 5 keys to cost-effective marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Learn 3 practical methods to outsmart your competition.
  • Avoid 3 costly mistakes that can hurt your business.
  • Optimize advertising and promotion efforts.
  • Discover 7 secrets to getting the best bang for your marketing buck.

It’s Time to Transform Your Marketing with New Ideas and Creative Solutions!

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“We increased our fundraising results by 50% thanks to Claudia’s incredible workshop.”

Irene van der Zande, Founder & Executive Director, Kidpower International

Ttuolumne County Women's Network

“Claudia grabs your attention right away, and is a very knowledgeable and engaging speaker. When the topic is marketing your business, you will find no one better to communicate what you need to do.”

Kim Hembree, President, Tuolumne County Women’s Business Network

Holistic Life Institute

“Claudia has conducted multiple business and marketing workshops for us over several years. Everybody leaves with information they can apply to their own career goals or businesses. She consistently receives 5-star evaluations, and we are asked to bring her back again and again.”

Jan Noble, Founder & President, Holistic Life Institute