Transform your marketing to gain a competitive edge

Grow Your Business • Organize Your Marketing • Align Your Team

Your marketing plan and your team’s marketing communication should be well-focused. But there’s a problem…

  • Your team struggles with inconsistent messaging.
  • You don’t have a clear value proposition.
  • Your marketing plan isn’t organized.
  • Your branding is scattered.
  • Your “story” isn’t clear.

Let’s work together to develop the right message to connect with your clients.
People will buy your product or service because you and your team effectively communicates how it benefits them, and makes it sound better that the competition. And today, effective communicating is more important than ever.

Our collaborative marketing workshops and webinars, led by our expert facilitators, get everyone engaged and participating. We can guide your team through what’s not working and why, how to develop and refine a consistent “story”, and even map out a marketing plan focused on growing your business. Together, we can transform how you and your team do marketing.

How it Works
A Zipline to Success facilitator will lead a customized workshop for your team. During the basic workshop, everyone will learn core marketing principles, review current messaging, and identify opportunities for improvement. Working together, you’ll develop a refreshed marketing message that can be carried through to all activities in your business so that everyone will know the right ways to talk about the business.

It’s Time to Get Your Team into a ‘Marketing Mindset’ to Support Business Growth.

How to Book a Workshop or Webinar

1. Apply

Your team needs to be aligned around your marketing – and can even be part of developing it. We can help. Click below to book your workshop.

2. Choose a Date

Workshops can be designed around your needs and availability, from a morning to a day and a half. Take a look at your calendar, and let’s schedule this.

3. Enjoy Your Workshop

Develop a group understanding of marketing, develop and refine your story and get your team involved with growing the business.