Zipline In the News – January 2018

Living MagazineLiving Magazine: Meet Marketing Expert Claudia Newcorn.
“Award-winning strategic marketing consultant, author, speaker… these are just a few of the accolades Claudia Newcorn has earned as president of Modesto-based Acorn Enterprises, a successful consulting firm. She’s helped hundreds of clients around the nation transform how they implement marketing to accelerate sales and profits and gain a competitive edge. But that’s only one side of who she is….”
Read the Living Magazine interview

America TrendsTV Interview: “America Trends” on You Too America with Renee Kohn
Claudia and Renee Kohn discuss essential “Business Health & Wellness Checks” companies should make every year to maintain their competitive edge, and make any necessary changes for a more successful 2018.

Middle AgeRadio Interview: “Middle Age Can Be Your Best Age” Show with Roy Richards on Web Talk Radio
Claudia and Roy Richards discuss recent data on Women’s Business Start-Up trends, and smart business and marketing strategies to help both Baby Boomers and Gen X launching new companies and improve their chances for success.

Listen on the Audio Interviews page.

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